Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mary's Fireplace

Fireplace install 

Broken dishes into fireplace surround
Pique Assiette ( broken china)

Transporting on fit perfectly in back of truck, so snug that nothing could move while transporting
surface prepped for mosaic

 First section placed on fireplace surround. I had to hold it for a while then tape it, because of gravity. It really wanted to slide down.  My fear was the next morning I would find it in a pile at the base of fireplace

I think you can tell what month I did the install.
  YeahNext morning it is exactly how I left it .
My grout helpers...Nancy Francis and Lynda Gunderson are hard at work.

This last picture is the finished project. Sue, Nancy and Lynda after eight hours of grouting and clean up.

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